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Child SupportChild Support

Our Georgia child support lawyers have represented Fathers who need to obtain child support or have to pay child support. We also give legal advice regarding enforcement of child support orders and past-due child support payments, in addition to helping Fathers whose financial circumstances may require a modification in child support.

Typically, the parent who has less time with the children (the non-custodial parent) pays support to the custodial parent. Either parent can be the custodial parent depending on what’s in the children’s best interest. Georgia doesn’t presume mothers are better custodial parents. Once the Father of a child born out of wedlock is legitimized through the courts, he has equal footing to request primary custody of the child. If the parties have a shared custodial arrangement, this arrangement may severely lower the amount of child support one parent owes the other– and of course, if the parents are almost equally splitting the time with the children (a true 50/50 arrangement), the child support amount may be eliminated altogether, depending on the financial circumstances of the parties.

It’s important that you contact an experienced child support and family law attorney to assist you in evaluating your specific situation and help you achieve a reasonable adjustment given the totality of the circumstances.

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