Parenting Plans

Create a Parenting Plan or Agreement

Your parenting plan or custody agreement outlines how you and the other parent will continue to care and provide for your children after you separate. An effective plan is personalized to fit the needs of your family situation and contains the following information.

 Parenting Time Schedule

Your parenting time schedule shows when your child is with each parent. Your schedule should include the daily living schedule, holidays and vacation time. Consider the physical, emotional and social needs of your child as you make your schedule.  Your plan must describe your schedule very clearly in legal terms.

Your plan must designate if one parent has sole legal custody or if parents share joint legal custody. This determines who has the authority to make decisions for and about your children. You can also specify if one or both of the parents will have access to a child’s school or medical records.

Education and Other Extracurricular Activities 

The education information in your plan includes where your child will attend school, how the parents will choose the child’s school, who pays for school expenses, and who attends parent-teacher conferences and school open houses. You can also have information about how the parents decide on extracurricular activities for the child, who attends the activities, and who pays for them.  Let Anene Farrey & Associates help you undercover all the facts when making these decisions.

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