Contested Divorce

Contested divorce in Georgia is a divorce where some aspect of the divorce is disputed by one of the spouses. Often these disputes are over the division of property, debt, or other marital assets; however, the dispute can be over the divorce itself. A contested divorce is much more complicated than an uncontested divorce because an entire trial is needed in order for the court to resolve disputes.

Contested divorce comes with other consequences such as a much longer divorce period, higher legal fees and court fees, and increased stress. Whenever possible, it is recommended that spouses try to resolve conflicts out of court through an Uncontested Divorce. In any event, the attorneys at Anene Farrey & Associates provide high-quality legal representation so their clients’ best interests are protected.

Moving Into Discovery

After you file for divorce, the divorce papers have been served and the appropriate spouse has responded to the divorce petition — which is typically required within 30 days — the next step is to move into the stages of discovery during the contested divorce process.

In order for discovery to go smoothly, it is crucial to have meticulously prepared a significant amount of paperwork beforehand, detailing your shared assets, incomes, documentation of children parented by the spouses, shared debt, and any other relevant details.

With this information in hand, it will be much easier for each spouse’s attorney to get a clear idea of the previous marital situation and therefore determine what each spouse is entitled to.  Each party has a specific amount of time to carry out discovery proceedings. Ensure that your attorney remains vigilant and stays in constant contact with your spouse’s attorney — this will prevent him or her from attempting to hide assets or generally slowing down the process to delay the divorce. You need to trust that you have the best divorce attorney in Georgia, as your attorney could have a significant impact on the outcome of your settlement.

Divorce Strategy

The divorce lawyers at Anene Farrey & Associates, LLC can deal with all legal hurdles and provide guidance to prevent mistakes that will affect your future for years.  We will be at your side and fight for your rights throughout the entire divorce process.  We understand that every case is unique. We implement a creative approach to meet each client’s individual needs, and we always put our clients as our top priority. We’re prepared to work tirelessly to help you obtain a favorable outcome in your divorce case. 

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